No one covers single motherdom when it comes to getting back on track

By no means am I calling myself a single mum; I have a loving husband who does everything for me and his almost five month old daughter, and who works extremely hard for us to have everything we need and want. But working away in a town 1186 kilometres from Perth a few weeks at […]

Ermagherd…need to unflab the arse!

Almost eight weeks postpartum and I’ve decided it’s about time to do something about this baby weight I’ve gained. I’ve had a few people tell me to wait, enjoy the food and don’t put pressure on myself, but summer is just around the corner and I want to feel that confidence again so I can […]

Rescuing myself from a life of death – 17 kgs GONE

2012 was the year of change for me and today, on January 17 2013 I celebrate one of the biggest achievements of mine in the last five years…a 17 kgs weight loss. Yes, 17 kgs of lard, fat, lazy arse flab that I can say good bye to permanently. All it took was one word […]

The importance of a great running shoe

A boring headline, I know…but it sums up the message I’m trying to get across. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my first year of running, it’s the importance of a good running shoe. For a few years earlier, when I was trying to run and failed miserably (resulting in the stoppage of […]

First triathlon? Pfft…smash it!

The lead up to my first triathlon at the weekend wasn’t incredibly intense – in fact, I just took it in my stride and continued on my normal fitness regime. Perhaps there were one or two extra cycles and a transition training session one Saturday morning, but that’s about it. I had done a 300-metre […]

“Are you crazy?! Who DOES that?!”

Earlier this month, I came home to an exceedingly wonderful surprise; as I pushed the button to open my garage door, there in my parking spot was a brand new, jet black Trek hybrid road bike – courtesy of my loving husband. As I played briefly with my toy, squealing with delight and flicking the […]

I appear to live on ‘Winter Struggle Street’

As many of you know, this past winter season has been a particularly difficult one in Australia in terms of the cold and flu season. I myself was struck down with influenza strain A (H1N1), also known as swine flu and out of physical action for a torturous three months. In June 2009, there was […]

Pudgy to pretty darn healthy – losing weight all on my own

I’m pretty chuffed, I have to say, having lost eight kilograms since January. The last four years have been turbulent for me and looking back, it all started when I realised how miserable I was at my place of employment. From there, my weight skyrocketed slowly…creeping up on me as I turned to fast food, […]

How I ran 14 kilometres – and survived

I did it! As you may recall from a previous post, Slow and steady like a donkey, I successfully ran 14 kilometres at a run fun in late May. It was the longest distance I had ever run/jogged in my life and it was one of the best feelings of my life when I completed […]

Pat Farmer and 21,000 kilometres – an interview

Pat Farmer might be a name you recognise from Australian politics. He was a federal member of parliament, representing the Liberal seat of Macarthur in south-west Sydney from 2001 to 2010 and served in the House of Representatives. Now away from politics, Pat has created himself a global reputation for endurance running and ultra-marathon racing […]