Mama in a bubble

This Mother’s Day will be my very first as a mum and even though I’ve only been on this whirlwind adventure for eight months, I feel like I have gained the most life experience and given the most amount of love to a single person in that short period of time than any other in […]

Ermagherd…need to unflab the arse!

Almost eight weeks postpartum and I’ve decided it’s about time to do something about this baby weight I’ve gained. I’ve had a few people tell me to wait, enjoy the food and don’t put pressure on myself, but summer is just around the corner and I want to feel that confidence again so I can […]

Entering the world of poo-poos

This year has been a complete whirlwind of new experiences…neglecting my blog was one of them. But I had good reason to, I promise! My pregnancy was exhausting to say the least; after finishing full time work during the day, the last thing on my mind was to sit in front of a computer and […]

Sick of the scare mongering

To recap briefly so this post makes a bit of sense, I have Factor V Leiden, a blood disorder which simply means my blood is thicker than the average Joe’s so I’m susceptible to clotting. You can check out more info in one of the above tabs. When I found out I was pregnant on […]

The trouble with maternity wear…

I’m incredibly disappointed, to say the least. The word ‘pregnant’ is like the word ‘wedding’ – only worse and I’m fed up with the amount of money Australian clothing designers are demanding for maternity wear. It’s another cost to put on top of the purchase of major items like a cot, change table, dresser, car seat, […]