Am I not pretty enough…?

Last week I attended a community playgroup; a small one where only seven or eight new mums attended. As my own nine month old played with sparkly, shiny things and rattles, I noticed a particular baby girl on the other side of the mat. She was the typical ‘dolled’ up little girl – dressed all […]

Mama in a bubble

This Mother’s Day will be my very first as a mum and even though I’ve only been on this whirlwind adventure for eight months, I feel like I have gained the most life experience and given the most amount of love to a single person in that short period of time than any other in […]

I thought I was strong enough…I guess not

When I heard the news, I was ecstatic. My favourite actress was coming to Australia and I wanted to be front and centre at where she was going to be in early April…Lucy Lawless at Supanova! But I’m in Perth; she’d be in Melbourne. So without even giving it a second thought, I purchased my […]

Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, a mama just can’t win

I’m totally pissed off. So I’m out having lunch at a cafe the other day with a friend, a nice outing I always look forward to. I get to see a friend, me and bubs get to get out of the house, have a nice lunch and coffee…I love it. But this one time, I […]

No one covers single motherdom when it comes to getting back on track

By no means am I calling myself a single mum; I have a loving husband who does everything for me and his almost five month old daughter, and who works extremely hard for us to have everything we need and want. But working away in a town 1186 kilometres from Perth a few weeks at […]

Being a FIFO mum makes me stronger than ever

If there’s one experience in my life that I would consider one of the most difficult, most challenging and yet the most fulfilling it’s being a mum. But not just any mum. I’m a new mum, with a four month old, and my husband works up north as a fly in, fly out worker (FIFO) […]