Mama in a bubble

This Mother’s Day will be my very first as a mum and even though I’ve only been on this whirlwind adventure for eight months, I feel like I have gained the most life experience and given the most amount of love to a single person in that short period of time than any other in […]

It just doesn’t get better than this

Blood thirsty zombies, a leather-clad Batman, Chewbacca dressed to the nines and an almost life-like Bumblebee from Transformers; if it’s possible to get a better calibre of dedicated cosplay fans at an Australian venue, then I’d say you’re lying because this year’s Oz ComicCon in Perth was a fantasy, sci-fi, comic book and costume lovers […]

Zombies and psychopaths

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, like me, you’d have watched this week’s latest episode (season four), The Grove, and it may have left you wide eyes and open mouthed with the decisions and actions made by characters Carol and Tyreese.

I thought I was strong enough…I guess not

When I heard the news, I was ecstatic. My favourite actress was coming to Australia and I wanted to be front and centre at where she was going to be in early April…Lucy Lawless at Supanova! But I’m in Perth; she’d be in Melbourne. So without even giving it a second thought, I purchased my […]

No one covers single motherdom when it comes to getting back on track

By no means am I calling myself a single mum; I have a loving husband who does everything for me and his almost five month old daughter, and who works extremely hard for us to have everything we need and want. But working away in a town 1186 kilometres from Perth a few weeks at […]

No WA shark cull – we are the voices

One of the most controversial topics already creeping its head in early 2014 is Western Australia’s shark baiting program – and in my opinion, oh boy does the WA Government have it wrong. Today, more than 6000 protestors gathered at iconic Cottesloe Beach to voice their outrage at Premier Colin Barnett and his ‘culling’ program, […]

Entering the world of poo-poos

This year has been a complete whirlwind of new experiences…neglecting my blog was one of them. But I had good reason to, I promise! My pregnancy was exhausting to say the least; after finishing full time work during the day, the last thing on my mind was to sit in front of a computer and […]

Our bond is forever – 10 years never to be forgotten

Saturday, June 15 was one of the hardest, most difficult days in my life. My 18-year-old darling girl Mali passed away peacefully in my arms after suffering ailing health due to old age. Her last breath was taken with her head in the crevasse of my elbow. There is much to be written about what […]

Is that bread you’re baking?! No, wait…it’s a bun in the oven

So…no sooner had I lost a whopping 18 kgs of fat and lard by early January after doing the hard yards of eating healthy and taking up running, then I had taken that little pee test on the early Sunday morning of January 13 and the words digitally flashed in front of my face – […]

A world beyond worlds at Oz ComicCon

Avatar, Batman, Harry Potter, Jedi Knights…I was surrounded by hundreds of them this weekend at one of the country’s biggest science fiction, fantasy and pop culture exhibitions in the country – Oz ComicCon. Despite being a mad Xena and Hercules fan, along with other shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, it was […]