Guest blogging my foodie delight

I was complaining to my friend Lise, over at Feeds and Fun, the other day how I was lacking berries in my diet. I discovered Lise, just like me, keeps frozen berries in her freezer all the time but we all know they’re never as good as the real, fresh deal! So after I drove […]

A guest blog over at the world of Mumchic

I’ve been humbled yet again by the asking to guest blog on one of my all time favourite blogs, Mumchic. Thank you to the beautiful Sabeen, who has been there for me in the blogger world since we collided online earlier in the year (Sabeen, don’t you worry – a trip to visit you at […]

Guest post – Attachment parenting, right or wrong?

I’d like to introduce Lise from Feeds and Fun to the Skinny Cap with Two Sugars blog. I’ve known Lise personally since the beginning of the year when we met at a local bootcamp/outdoor training group. After a few months of passing hellos and partner exercises, we discovered a shared love – journalism! Since then, […]

Guest post – Mumchic versus Big Brother

I’d like to introduce Mumchic to the Skinny Cap with Two Sugars blog. Mumchic, otherwise known as Sabeen, is a woman I connected with via the blog world and although we haven’t met in a physical sense given she’s on one side of the country and I’m on the other, have supported one another through […]