No one covers single motherdom when it comes to getting back on track

By no means am I calling myself a single mum; I have a loving husband who does everything for me and his almost five month old daughter, and who works extremely hard for us to have everything we need and want. But working away in a town 1186 kilometres from Perth a few weeks at […]

It’s not easy, peasy, lemon squeezey

Three weeks ago I caught an amazing online documentary titled Hungry for Change and as I sat glued to it, stuck to the exposed shocking secrets of the diet, weight loss and food industries and deceptive strategies designed to keep people coming back for more, I made a conscious decision to be more careful about the […]

Vegie vegie vegie, oink oink oink!

Today is world vegetarian day where vegetarians and vegans alike can kick off the month of October to raise awareness of the choice and help someone kick start a change in eating habits if they want. Almost one year ago exactly, I became vegetarian. After 30 years of buying, cooking, ordering and eating meat I […]

Don’t garden me this

I hate gardening. I love trees, flowers, bushes, ladybugs – I even like rocks and pebbles when they look pretty and add to the scenery but the actual process of gardening is one thing I definitely don’t find therapeutic. How people can claim slaving away in their gardens is therapeutic is beyond me. Really? Hurting […]

Since when did fast food become the cheap option?!

Earlier this week on an FM radio station, there was discussion of a widespread topic in the Australian media – researchers have called for schools to do compulsory weigh-ins as part of the fight against the country’s growing obesity problem. I’m somewhat divided on the issue. On one hand, weighing children in and making them […]

Who would have known baking 72 cupcakes could be so exhausting?!

With the weekend now behind me, I have successfully baked and decorated by 72nd cupcake to raise money for the RSPCA. Cupcake Day is tomorrow on August 20 and I’m freakin’ exhausted! Yesterday I just baked 24 vanilla cupcakes whilst today I bore the brunt of the remainder – half chocolate, half vanilla. I’m quite […]

And so the cupcake challenge begins…

In my attempt to bake cupcakes to raise money for the RSPCA this weekend, I started the day with a leisurely stroll through Whiteman Park with my rescue dog Patch. It’s going to sound corny, cheesy and what have you but I used it as a time to reflect on what the charity has given […]

Pudgy to pretty darn healthy – losing weight all on my own

I’m pretty chuffed, I have to say, having lost eight kilograms since January. The last four years have been turbulent for me and looking back, it all started when I realised how miserable I was at my place of employment. From there, my weight skyrocketed slowly…creeping up on me as I turned to fast food, […]

Japanese dining at its best – HA-LU in Perth

Tucked away quietly on the busy street of Oxford Street in Mount Hawthorn is a little Japanese restaurant called HA-LU (Spring Flower) that actually isn’t so little considering it’s an award winning eatery with five star service and food. At first glance walking in, HA-LU doesn’t seat more than 100 people and is romantic yet […]