Entering the world of poo-poos

This year has been a complete whirlwind of new experiences…neglecting my blog was one of them. But I had good reason to, I promise! My pregnancy was exhausting to say the least; after finishing full time work during the day, the last thing on my mind was to sit in front of a computer and […]

Sick of the scare mongering

To recap briefly so this post makes a bit of sense, I have Factor V Leiden, a blood disorder which simply means my blood is thicker than the average Joe’s so I’m susceptible to clotting. You can check out more info in one of the above tabs. When I found out I was pregnant on […]

Rescuing myself from a life of death – 17 kgs GONE

2012 was the year of change for me and today, on January 17 2013 I celebrate one of the biggest achievements of mine in the last five years…a 17 kgs weight loss. Yes, 17 kgs of lard, fat, lazy arse flab that I can say good bye to permanently. All it took was one word […]

Obsessive or just being careful?

Living with Factor V Leiden is becoming somewhat obsessive. I’m slowly getting through the mental drain of it all as it sits in the back of my mind, always peaking through the artery curtains and poking its little head out crying, “I’m here, I’m here!”. My online support network for Australians is growing every week […]

A panic state of mind

So I’m in a bit of a state of panic at the moment because according to a new survey out of the UK, office workers are doubling their risk of suffering potentially life threatening blood clots because they sit for hours at a time, eat lunch at their desks and then go home to sit […]

A second chance at life

I bet there are a number of you, or most likely all of you, who haven’t heard of Factor V Leiden mutation, and surely you’re thinking now – WTF?! Well, grab yourself a cuppa and hear about a life lesson I learned back in 2007 when I was 26 years old. Four years ago during […]