Am I not pretty enough…?

Last week I attended a community playgroup; a small one where only seven or eight new mums attended. As my own nine month old played with sparkly, shiny things and rattles, I noticed a particular baby girl on the other side of the mat. She was the typical ‘dolled’ up little girl – dressed all […]

I thought I was strong enough…I guess not

When I heard the news, I was ecstatic. My favourite actress was coming to Australia and I wanted to be front and centre at where she was going to be in early April…Lucy Lawless at Supanova! But I’m in Perth; she’d be in Melbourne. So without even giving it a second thought, I purchased my […]

Eve of hallows dwindling in the Aussie breeze

Last night’s Halloween was probably the first All Hallow’s Eve I hadn’t celebrated in years. Even as a child growing up in 1980s Australia, when Halloween wasn’t as recognised as it is today, I dressed in black and made myself out to be a cat or a witch and walked around the neighbourhood trick or […]

An ode to the memories…albeit rather demented

A few weeks ago as I was trolling through childhood photos at my parents’ place to find a picture of me and my old best friend for a previous post Where is my Nadia?, I came across some hilariously cute prints of myself at pre-primary age. So mum and I thought it would be ideal […]

Where is my Nadia?

There are some people in your life that pass by without a single second thought, making no impact on you and forever forgetting their names, who they were, what they did and when it was. It’s a pessimistic thing to say but it’s true. How many of you can recall every single childhood friend and […]

A letter to my teen-year-old self

For some people, like my husband, high school was a time of popularity, fun, friendships, girlfriends and boyfriends, the social scene and new experiences. For others, like myself, not so much. I was born in Australia but when I was 12 years old, my family made the move to New Jersey in the good ol’ […]

So, I have a confession to make…

I don’t know why but one day last week whilst driving in Perth’s frenzied traffic (on the ridiculous Tonkin Highway which, by the way, is probably going to be my place of death one of these days) I was reminiscing about the third grade – remembering my school, experiencing communion, my local suburb at the […]