Mustard-hating, sausage-loving angels

Ever been to a sausage sizzle out the front of Masters or Bunnings and bitten into a freshly barbecued hot dog with onions and sauce of your favourite condiment, knowing all the while your $2.50 was going to a worthy cause? Well on Saturday, fundraising group Jay’s Angels did their first sausage sizzle out the front […]

Bellies are filled and the pennies counted

Hungry bellies have been filled and the tally is in for my weekend RSPCA Cupcake Day fundraiser. Counting up both online and cash donations to a cause close to my heart, I’m proud to announce that thanks to overwhelming generosity, an electrifying $480 has been raised in just four days! My online donor page will still […]

Who would have known baking 72 cupcakes could be so exhausting?!

With the weekend now behind me, I have successfully baked and decorated by 72nd cupcake to raise money for the RSPCA. Cupcake Day is tomorrow on August 20 and I’m freakin’ exhausted! Yesterday I just baked 24 vanilla cupcakes whilst today I bore the brunt of the remainder – half chocolate, half vanilla. I’m quite […]

And so the cupcake challenge begins…

In my attempt to bake cupcakes to raise money for the RSPCA this weekend, I started the day with a leisurely stroll through Whiteman Park with my rescue dog Patch. It’s going to sound corny, cheesy and what have you but I used it as a time to reflect on what the charity has given […]

Challenge ACCEPTED!

Forces greater than myself even know I can’t bake…which is why I’ve accepted the challenge of baking cupcakes this weekend in preparation for Cupcake Day on Monday, August 20! Tomorrow and Sunday I will be baking and fundraising for the RSPCA where all funds raised will help give a surrendered puppy a home, rescue a […]