I thought I was strong enough…I guess not

When I heard the news, I was ecstatic. My favourite actress was coming to Australia and I wanted to be front and centre at where she was going to be in early April…Lucy Lawless at Supanova! But I’m in Perth; she’d be in Melbourne. So without even giving it a second thought, I purchased my […]

No WA shark cull – we are the voices

One of the most controversial topics already creeping its head in early 2014 is Western Australia’s shark baiting program – and in my opinion, oh boy does the WA Government have it wrong. Today, more than 6000 protestors gathered at iconic Cottesloe Beach to voice their outrage at Premier Colin Barnett and his ‘culling’ program, […]

I have nunchaku and WILL use them in the zombie apocalypse

If you haven’t caught National Geographic Channel’s show Doomsday Preppers, then you need to get Foxtel just for that. Although the people featured in it give off a slight sense of cray cray, it makes for fantastic television and actually, some quirky and smart ideas to prepare your family and friends for the end of […]

“Are you crazy?! Who DOES that?!”

Earlier this month, I came home to an exceedingly wonderful surprise; as I pushed the button to open my garage door, there in my parking spot was a brand new, jet black Trek hybrid road bike – courtesy of my loving husband. As I played briefly with my toy, squealing with delight and flicking the […]

Land of awkward moments with nudity, toilets and quakes

It’s been a whirlwind long weekend for me, jetting off to Japan for three days to enjoy the sights and sounds of three cities in the Ibaraki Prefecture – Sawara, Kashima and Itako, just north east of Tokyo, and it’s the awkward and random experiences during those three days that will be most memorable. I […]

No more fizzle in your shizzle – NUDIES!

My husband and I will be celebrating 13 years together next month, a time so long ago begun when we were young, in love and dreaming the big dreams. Long lasting relationships can sometimes fizzle and many find themselves in a rut of supreme comfort – it’s just easier to sit together on the couch […]

Pat Farmer and 21,000 kilometres – an interview

Pat Farmer might be a name you recognise from Australian politics. He was a federal member of parliament, representing the Liberal seat of Macarthur in south-west Sydney from 2001 to 2010 and served in the House of Representatives. Now away from politics, Pat has created himself a global reputation for endurance running and ultra-marathon racing […]

Slow and steady like a donkey

At the weekend I participated in the HBF Run for a Reason fun run and achieved a personal best – conquering 14 kilometres non-stop jogging in 1 hr 53 mins 55 seconds. Slow, yes. Walked it, NO! I was so happy and thrilled with my result, knowing I had run that distance all the way. […]

Tutus and glow sticks in a relay for life

Last weekend an event was held in Perth that is becoming more and more popular every year – the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life. The concept is unique – grab a team of friends and family, camp overnight at an athletics stadium and ensure at least one team member is walking or running the track […]

Chafing, runner’s diarrhea…yeah, that

Last Tuesday, I aimed for a 6-kms jog around the ‘burbs but when I reached that goal I kept going and did just over 11-kms. It made me think about all those embarrassments during running that most don’t speak about or ask advice about in sheer terror…so I’m going to brave it all and give […]