Rescuing myself from a life of death – 17 kgs GONE

2012 was the year of change for me and today, on January 17 2013 I celebrate one of the biggest achievements of mine in the last five years…a 17 kgs weight loss. Yes, 17 kgs of lard, fat, lazy arse flab that I can say good bye to permanently. All it took was one word […]

The bureaucrats have got it wrong; they just need to listen to our voices

Flipping through this morning’s daily newspaper, I was horrified to read the headline on page five First kill order has SW sharks in sights. Journalist Sam Tomlin writes: “The Department of Fisheries has issued the first kill order for a shark in Western Australian waters after a group of white pointers menaced holiday-makers in the south […]

Remembering Miss Cake

This blog post is a contribution to the 52 Blogs project run by Justin Cawthorne. Bloggers participating in the challenge are given a topic every week and simply do what they do best – write. “Cake” is the first topic of the year.  With cake being the first cab of the rank, I’ll bet you’re […]